Welcome to the library!

Did you know that the library is always open? It is if you visit the library online via a computer, mobile phone or tablet PC. At any time of day or night, you can access reading recommendations or tips on what’s happening at the libraries in Kävlinge. You don’t need a library card to get tips online or to take part in the libraries’ various events.

Borrow books, e-books and films etc.

If you wish to borrow something you do need a library card, which is free of charge. Once you have a library card you can borrow e-books directly via computer, your smartphone and some tablet PCs. You can also borrow books, films and discs at the library.

Once you have a library card you can also search a few different factual databases offered by the library, either remotely via your own computer or on the library’s computers. The databases include, for instance information about grants and resources for genealogy.

Computers and wireless connection at the library

We have computers you can use if you have a library card. We also have a computer available to use for a short period, but if you need to use a computer for a longer period you can book a time. If you bring your own computer, you can use the library’s wireless network to connect to the Internet free of charge.

Ask a librarian!

Library staff can help you find books and other media you are looking for. If you have a more difficult task you need help with, you can book an appointment with a librarian for a longer time. There is extra support for blind and partially sighted people, and people with reading difficulties.

For small children and their parents

The library offers many activities for small children. We offer sing-songs, theatre, films and activity sessions all year round – with extra activities during the school holidays.

Information in English

Information in other languages